Tiffany Vogue Girl October 2014 (HD)

Fany in home town California for a photoshoot with Vogue Girl Magazine (October 2014). She’s also featured in the mag earlier this year with Yuri.

SNSD Tiffany Vogue Girl October 2014

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Tiffany JFK Airport

Fany at JFK, New York, for YouTube Music Awards 131102.

Woah, that’s the biggest Red Bull I’ve ever seen =)

Cr: alicenoob9

YouTube Music Awards, Congrats!

Sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy for the past two weeks. Many pics coming soon, but let me congrat the ladies first for winning the Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards. Fany was in New York to receive the award on SNSD’s behalf. Cr: SMTOWN.

Girls Generation Tiffany Youtube Music Awards

Our friends at Snsdpics have shared these Fany photos when I’m not around:
Tiffany @ KBS Open Concert (131029)
Tiffany & Seohyun KBS Cool FM (131029)
Tiffany @ Lotte Department Store fansign (131101)
Tiffany @ Youtube Music Awards 2013 (131103)
Airport to NYC (131102) & Airport from NYC (131106)