Website Q&A at Fanypics

Q: Who is Tiffany? Who are Girls’ Generation?
A: Tiffany is one of the nine members of Girls’ Generation (also abbreviated as GG, Soshi, SNSD etc.), a very popular female group in South Korea with fans and followers across the world. You can check Tiffany’s profile here, and profiles of all other members at Snsdpics.

Q: What’s this website about?
A: This is a fansite for Tiffany which focuses on high quality pictorials. We also post GG’s latest news and videos occasionally.

Q: Who runs the website?
A: The main editor is Sophie, a female Singapore SONE (name of GG’s fanbase). I got some helps from friends mainly on technical things (webhosting, how to run the site etc.), but it’s pretty much a one-woman-show when it comes to contents. Due to personal schedule most updates are done during weekends.

Q: How can we be contacted?
A: You can contact us using the contact form at end of this page. Note that we are not personally affiliated with GG or Fany, we can’t initiate personal contact with them.

Q: Who takes the pictures?
A: Thanks to all the great fan-photographers, fansites, press, sponsors etc. (properly credited in each post, some of my favourite photographers are listed on the sidebar too). We didn’t take any of the photos unless otherwise stated.

Q: Don’t want your pictures posted here?
A: If you are a photographer and don’t want us to share your pictures, kindly contact us for instructions. Note that we always provide proper credits and never crop off logos.

Q: Does this website has a privacy policy?
A: For those who are concerned, our privacy guideline is here (standard stuff tho).

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