Californian Girl Tiffany in First Look Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany in Korea’s First Look Magazine with a photoshoot in her hometown Los Angeles. Full interview below, translated by the great folks at Soshified.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

Tiffany, who completed rehearsals for , was laid back and beautiful just like at the California beach. Like a person who has everything prepared. That is her way of living and her way of mapping out life. Twenty-five, Tiffany is astute.

“At my current age, I don’t think I can express myself like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I think doing music that suits my age is most natural and great. That is also truly what is most like you.”

The ‘hurl-down pitch’ you threw in LA garnered lots of attention.
I was actually ill-prepared for it… I don’t have any regrets though. I didn’t have any time to warm-up and went on the field for interviews and took pictures, and things were hectic so I guess you could say my energy weakened? I didn’t know there would be that many reporters either, so I was a bit taken aback.

Are you personally satisfied with the results?
I’m not a baseball player, and I think that was enough for it to be a fun and enjoyable experience. After pitching, I asked Hyunjin Ryu, “Could I throw it one more time?”, but he replied, “No, you can’t.” (laugh) So I told him next time, if possible, to let me sing the National Anthem instead of pitching. I get less nervous if I have to sing. Anyway, it was a place where I could show my Korean pride, so it was an honor.

Right after you returned from completing the photoshoot in LA, you appeared at Dream Concert; you must be really busy. You frequently have shoots overseas. Do you have a secret when it comes to getting used to different time zones?
There isn’t anything in particular, but my body adjusts on its own. When it’s dark, I sleep, and when I open my eyes, I eat. (Haha) Girls’ Generation doesn’t have a problem with jet lag. We go overseas almost every week, so we’ve gotten used to it.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

After your schedules in LA, did you return after relaxing?
After debuting, we haven’t received a long vacation, so my members and I talk about vacations a lot. Saying we should go somewhere by ourselves if we get the chance to later in the future.

Where do you want to go on vacation to?
Florida or Las Vegas.

Do you want to go to the casinos?
No. I just want to shop freely and watch fun shows.

‘Tiffany’s compact car’ came up in real-time search charts recently. Is there a reason why you bought a compact car?
It was my first car ever, so I thought it would be good for it to have a special meaning. Before purchasing it, I thought a lot about it before deciding. If not now, I didn’t think I would ever be able to ride it. And the price was nicer than I thought. (laughs)

Do you drive often?
Honestly, there isn’t a lot of time to drive. It’s been about a year since I bought my car, but I only have about 1000km on it. So I just gave my car key to my manager to hold onto.

Out of all the places you’ve driven to, which place left an impression?
Itaewon. While feeling a bit of ‘Itaewon Freedom’, I went with four of my members. At the time, I didn’t know how to read the GPS, so we wandered for a really long time, but I think it was a dynamic experience.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

We’re going to try a simple psychology test. You went to a bookstore. From bestsellers, fashion magazines, autobiographies, and romance novels, which would you choose?
Tiffany: Hm… A bestseller. I actually went to the bookstore not too long ago. When I go, I usually buy the original novel of films. I read the books beforehand for movies that I like when they’re about to premiere. I bought , which is a rated book, but it’s good. (Haha)

Is there a particular reason why you buy the original novels?
I want to act in the future, so I think it’s a process in preparing for that time. I can see how the actors portray the characters in the novels and studying them also helps me.

I will tell you the result of the psychology test now. ‘Bestseller’ can be interpreted as uneasiness towards being behind the generation. Do you agree?
I think that’s correct. My mentality is coming out exactly. (laughs) I constantly make an effort not to fall behind and keep learning. That’s also a celebrity’s fate.

Is there anything you’ve become immersed in lately, that you don’t even realize time is passing?
As always, I think it’s music. Not too long ago, Justin Timberlake made a comeback for the first time in 7 years. The album was so good that after I listened to it, I tried listening to albums from his ’98 debut until now. I think music is something that’s new every time you listen to it. He also debuted as an idol, promotes as a soloist, and is an artist who acts, so I think there is a lot I could learn from him.

Depending on your age, doesn’t the type of music you seek differ?
You’re right. When I was in my early 20’s, I liked bubbly, cute songs, but I think I prefer mature music now. At my current age, I don’t think I can express myself like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I think doing music that suits my age is most natural and great. That is also truly what is most like you.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

Is there, by any chance, a talent someone else possesses that you would want to steal?
Beyonce’s professional spirit. I read an article with her interview recently, and she said, “I prepare 3 months for a 15 minute performance.” What’s even more impressionable was when she said,
If I can’t at least sing or dance like this, I’d be a fool. That’s because I put that much effort into it and am that confident.” I thought that she’s really a great professional. Personally, I think that talent isn’t natural, but that it’s more important to put forth an effort.

I think that intense self-regulation is inevitable, especially to survive in the entertainment industry.
Yes. Rather than getting to the top, maintaining that summit is even more difficult. (laughs) And so endlessly working hard is very important.

That’s true. There must be a lot of idols who covet Girls’ Generation’s position.
Fortunately, the results are just as good as the hard work put into it, so I’m proud. Even on days I have off, I receive lessons and practice choreography.

If you always think about music, doesn’t life become monotonous? There ought to be times where you get stressed or suddenly feel futile. Is there an item that excites your life at times like that? Or are you going to answer ‘music’ again?
No. Shopping. (laughs) I have a lot of interest in fashion, so I really like clothes. Because I’m a girl, I try on pretty things, and when I buy clothes, I get in a good mood.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

Do you eat foods well without being picky?
Yes. Surprisingly, I’m not that picky. I like Korean food in particular. In the past, I ate cereal or bread for breakfast, but now, if I don’t eat kimchi and warm soup, my day is tiring. (laughs)

The future can be vague for one person, while it’s specific for others. When you imagine your future 5 years from now, what kind of life do you see unfolding?
I’m really specific. (laughs) This is because, looking at BoA sunbae, I dreamed of becoming a singer and was determined, with a plan of, “When I go to Korea, I’m going to at least become like BoA sunbae.” Honestly, my members and I even say, “Did you think we would become like this?”, and I said, “Of course. Because I prepared for it completely.” I think I’m always preparing and planning for the future. And so in 5 years, don’t you think I’d become an artist who seeks her own music, promoting solo like Beyonce? In 5 years, I’ll be 30 years old, so I think I’d also get married. Because I want a family at 30.

So you’re saying you want to have your cake and eat it too?
Yes, I do.

Then, in order to fulfill your future, is there something you’re doing?
It’s been 6 years since we’ve debuted. So if I’ve practiced filling the stage with 9 members until now, I’m practicing filling the stage with 3 members, promoting as the unit TaeTiSeo last year. Also, OSTs have been helping with the experience of overwhelming the public with just my voice, without dancing. is my fourth OST, and I got a little greedy this time around and worked really hard. While recording in the studio, I extended the hours I worked. If you listen to OSTs I sang in the past and this one, there’s probably going to be a big difference. (laughs)

What about your thoughts on marriage? Like you said, what kind of man is your ideal husband?
In the past, my visual ideal type was Jo Insung, but I heard about his relationship not too long ago. (laughs) I actually think my marriage partner would be someone with the same beliefs as me. I’m Christian, there are spouse prayers, and I think God will decide on who will become my husband.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

August 1st is your 25th birthday. Is there anything you have planned by any chance?
Girls’ Generation’s debut date is August 2nd. And so we’ve been talking about having a grand celebration together with my birthday and debut anniversary this year. I want to rent out an amusement park and play all day, but I’m not sure if that would work out well. (laughs) If it doesn’t, I’m just going to eat dinner with the members.

Your ‘this or that’ style makes it seem like you’re a radical type.
Yes, that’s right. I’ll either go big or go small.

What’s the biggest personal change for you as of late?
There isn’t anything special.

Then I’ll change the question. What is a personal change you want?
Oh, I thought of something. I’ve been receiving lessons lately. I received a guitar as a gift not too long ago, and a guitar is a bit of a wild instrument, and I’m a bit wild too? And so I’ve been learning piano to become a bit more relaxed, but [the person teaching me] is someone I know personally, so they aren’t strict on me. So I’m looking for an instructor who will scold me while teaching me. Someone who’s really scary.

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

During interviews, there are words that interviewees particularly put emphasis on. I felt a strong emphasis on ‘acting’, so do you have a desire to become an actress?
Yes. There are images that Girls’ Generation members give off to the public. Like ‘someone acts, someone sings’. I have a strong vocal image, but if given the opportunity, I would really like to act. It’s not that I want to play a lead immediately, but I’m waiting for my first role that can portray me in the prettiest, best way.

Isn’t the term ‘pretty’ defined as to express appearance?
No. It’s just a role that can naturally show my real self. I want a role that is so natural that it makes it look like I’m not even acting.

Specifically, what kind of character?
A bright, strong, astute, and a role kind of like Candy (translator’s note: from the ‘Candy Candy’ anime). (laughs)

Girls Generation Tiffany First Look Magazine

You’re reaching your mid-20’s now. What is your life moving towards?
K-Pop is gaining lots of popularity in America. In the past, I thought, “It’s Girls’ Generation, why can’t we enter the United States?”, but I think there’s a time for everything. I’m working hard now, waiting for that opportunity. It’s a wisdom that I’ve gained while being active until now, but I think waiting for the right moment is important. If you work hard, your sincerity gets through, and I truly believe an opportunity will come.

Source: 1st Look Magazine
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified